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Postoperative Care: Medial Patella Luxation Surgery

Your pet must be kept in a confined area such as a s mall room, dog run, or kennel for the first 4 weeks following knee surgery. This confinement is essential to prevent your pet from damaging the repair caused by excessive activity such as running through the house and slipping on the tile/linoleum, i.e. when your pet sees a squirrel outside or when the door bell rings. After this period of time, your pet needs to be kept on restricted activity for the next two months. During this period of restricted activity he/she should still be confined to a small area, however slow, controlled leash walks are permitted.

This restriction will allow sufficient time for the surgical site to heal completely.Tranquilizers may be necessary to help keep your pet quiet. Your pet may develop a tolerance to these drugs however, necessitating progressively higher doses be given to effect the desired level of tranquilization. Only enough tranquilization to "take the edge off" of your pet and make them happy to walk rather than run is necessary. These drugs are not harmful or addictive to your pet in any way. No off-leash activity should be allowed for at least 10 weeks following surgery.

The bandage on your pet's leg should be kept clean and dry. If there is a chance that the bandage will come in contact with water or moisture, you should cover the bandage with a plastic bag. Do not leave the plastic bag on your pet's leg for a prolonged period of time however, or it will cause moisture accumulation and skin infection underneath the bandage! If your pet's toes are exposed at the bottom of the bandage, please check them daily for any signs of swelling. If they should become cool and/or puffy, the bandage may be impeding circulation and should be changed immediately. If this should occur, please contact us immediately. If your pet's toes are not exposed, pinch them through the bandage until your pet reacts to let you know he still has feeling in them.