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Postoperative Care: Bandaging

Your pet's splint, bandage, or cast will require a little extra care and attention.Do not allow your pet to chew on the bandage/splint/cast.

Use the plastic Elizabethan collar or Comfy Cone that your pet was sent home with. Keep the splint/bandage/cast clean and dry. If it is damp outside or the surface that your pet must walk upon is damp, put a plastic bag around the bandage to keep out all moisture. Do not leave this plastic bag on the bandage all the time or moisture will develop in the bandage. If exposed, be sure to check your pet's toes daily for swelling. If they become cool and/or puffy, it is possible that the bandage is impairing the circulation of the limb and will need to be changed. Please call our office immediately if this occurs.

The bandage/splint/cast may loosen at the top of the leg. As long as it is still supporting the limb and you can still check your pet's toes (and they are okay) it should be all right. If your pet develops some chafing ofthe skin at the top of the splint, you may add somepadding, corn starch, or baby powder to the affected area. If the bandage/splint is damp or foul smelling, have it changed immediately. If you find that the bandage/splint/cast has been removed, call us immediately, or if after business hours go to the nearest emergency room. With your help at home, your pet will get maximum protection and wear from the bandage/splint/cast. If you have any questions regarding your pet's bandage/splint, please do not hesitant to contact our office immediately. 

Should you have any questions, please give us a call, our staff is always happy to help you. Thank you for letting us give your pet the extra special type of care it deserves.