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If tolerated by your pet, cold therapy can be applied to the surgical site up to 3 times daily. In the event post-op fluid accumulationoccurs, cold therapy will reduce the degree of it. It's expected that the fluid will resorb in 5-7 days after its appearance. Rarely, an excessive fluid volume may have to be drained to hasten its ultimate resorption.

If a bandage becomes soiled, or of there is fluid drainage from the site, contact Paws & Claws Mobile Vet! If feasible, remove the soiled bandage yourself and continue to prohibit your pet from disturbing the surgical site.

Your pet must be prohibited from disturbing the bandage and/or the incision: To accomplish this common sense supervision, a bitter topical, available from your vet or pet store, may be sprayed on the surgical site as directed. An Elizabethan collar (plastic or a Comfy Cone) should be used while the incision is healing for 2-3 weeks. Once sutures/staples are removed the collar should be used for 2-3 more days or until it is certain your pet is no longer apt to disturb the site.

Food & water: If your pet has had anesthesia administered within 12 hrs of discharge from the hospital food & water must be avoided. However, your pet may lick ice cubes and small amounts food & water may be offered. After 12 hrs normal feeding & drinking may be resumed, unless otherwise advised.

Limitation of activities/exercise: Healing of any surgical wounds is enhanced by inactivity and rest. Your pet must not roam through your home freely or unattended. To move your pet to another location in the home, take to the location & tether your pet to a nearby table or chair heavy enough to limit their range.

Exercise outdoors is limited to 8-10 mins with leash restraint. This limitation is continued until your pet has been released from your vet’s care. However, after sutures/staples are removed, usually 15-20 min slow controlled walks are permitted 2-3 times daily. During these walks, hills are permitted and, if your pet pulls at the end of its leash ‘ pulling’ is allowed. These limitations are continued until your pet is released from your vets’ care, which will indicate your pet may return to normal activity.

  •  Bandage should be removed in 3-4 days

  •  Staples/sutures should be removed in 10-14 days

  •  Re-check in 4 weeks

  •  Re-check and x rays in 8 weeks

***Leash exercise only for 2 months***